Wrong positons you should avoid during dashboard camera installation

Wrong positons you should avoid during dashboard camera installation

Dashboard camera recorder is now the basic equipment of many vehicles. Install the dashboard camera can protect driving security;and avoid of road fraud at the same time. But if dashboard camera recorder installed in the wrong position, not only can not ensure driving security, but may also increase the front blind area, and bring a great security risk for driving .Below are the dashboard camera installation mistakes user should avoid:

1.The power cord is placed in the middle

Part of car owner install the dashboard camera with the power connection line directly in the middle of the the vehicle. This may result in the power line dangling during driving, and affecting the driver’s eye sight, thus bringing security risks. The correct way is to go through the power connection line in a hidden way,such as hidden in the interior joints, or be placed in the seal.

2.Installed at the top right of the front window

Some car owners think that dashboard camera installed in the front window , which make is closer to the sponge, and will not affect the eye sight. In fact, this position will lead to the dashboard camera effect greatly reduced. Although current dashboard camera view angle is not small, but the wrong position may make the front blind area greatly increased, resulting in opposite effect. After all, only the dashboard camera achieve the maximum effective view angle can it be better record the surroundings.

3.Connect dashboard camera power line with the reading lamp power supply

As the reading lamp power supply is relatively independent, and the reading lamp power supply position very close to the front glass, many vehicle owners directly open the reading lamp shell, and connect dashboard camera to the power supply circuit for reading lamp. So even if the car power off, the dash camera can still working by consumption of automotive backup power. This may result in driver can’t ignite the car next time, because the backup power is exhausted by the dashboard camera.

For the dashboard camera installation position, rear view mirror back side is the best position, with the best vision.