How to access video recorded by car dashboard camera

How to access video recorded by car dashboard camera ?

As you are already have a dashboard camera installed on your car or you are going to buy a dashboard camera, and you don’t want to read the endless user manual, but you still have some questions about car dashboard camera. One question usually will be how can i access video recorded by car dashboard camera ? Below are four different methods.

1.Taking out the TF memory card from the dashboard camera,loading it into the card reader, and then connecting to the computer, you can use read the contents inside the TF memory card like using an U disk,sourcing the folder one by one you can find the video file.

2. Connecting the car dashboard camera to computer or laptop with a USB cable, the computer will identify the dashboard camera as mass storage devices, and sometimes there are screen prompts, you need to select the storage device. You can read the videos after you can the storage device,souring method same as above.

3. A lot of dashboard camera with lcd display itself, you can also play in the dashboard camera, the method is generally stop the video recording first, and then press the mode key, you can find the video which has been recorded, click ok to play it.

4. Some dashboard camera such as Luview branded built in hidden dashboard camera with WiFi function,you can use the corresponding mobile phone APP to watch the recorded video on the mobile phone. However, while the phone connected with dashboard camera, the phone will automatically disconnect the mobile network, so you can’t receive message from constant messenger such as Skype,MSN,QQ,Wechat etc,after checking the recorded video, remember to disconnect your cellphone WiFi connection with dashboard camera , otherwise it will affect the usage of cellphone.