How WDR technology benefit your dashboard camera

How WDR technology benefit your dashboard camera ?

WDR ( wide dynamic range ) is a technology used to make sure camera can capture video or images under very intense contrast. Broadly speaking, refers to region between change from the maximum value to the minimum or perhaps the minimum value to the maximum .

Usually in the case of strong light exposure or low brightness and other relatively low brightness conditions,the vidoe or image taken by camera will appear particularly bright or may be particularly dark, bright area is due to excessive exposure and dark screen is due to lack of exposure, severely affect video clarity and quality. This restriction is what we usually called “dynamic range”.

In short, traditional dashboard camera when you choose to use 1/100 seconds to obtain the exposured image inside the car, then the images outside the car in the light may will be whiten under strong exposure or low brightness conditions, if continuous in 1/10000 seconds do second exposure to the outside images, then the internal image may be eradicated or be black, when the two images merged together will eventually reduce the final image or video quality,which is also the shortage of traditional camera.

Dashboard cameras with WDR technology can handle the contrast of light source, improve the quality of the images and clarity,even under excessive exposure light source or ultra darkness environment,they are able to shoot high quality images.

Luview Co., LTD is proudly to make a promise to all our customers: all our dashboard cameras, either cheap price ones or specially designed for high end car dashboard camera, are all adopting WDR technology, please be confident in our dashboard cameras.