How to choose suitable car reverse camera

How to choose suitable car reverse camera ?

There are two types of reverse car camera: wired reverse camera and wireless reverse camera, wired reverse camera is simple and reliable, but need wiring inside the car or other vehicle; wireless  reverse camera does not need wiring along the interior of car or vehicle,  so it is easy to install, but you need additional wireless receiver . However, current wireless receiver receiving effect is still not very ideal, so most reversing cameras in the market are still wired reverse camera. You can choose wired reverse camera from the following aspects :

Camera Chip

Camera chip is the most important part in reversing camera , they can be divided into CCD and CMOS two kinds. CMOS is mainly used in low image quality products,  its advantages are manufacturing costs and power consumption is lower than the CCD, the disadvantage is the CMOS camera has high requirements for the light source;  CCD chip is mainly used in photography, camera , some high-end technical components also comes with a video capture card.  CCD and CMOS in the technical and performance gap is large, in general, CCD effect is better, but the price is more expensive.


Resolution is one of the important indicators when choosing reverse cameras. In general, high-definition reverse camera, its image quality will be better, reverse camera resolution above 420 line has become a mainstream in reversing camera products,  380 lines reverse camera, if debugging properly, can still be a good choice. However, according to different camera chip level, different components, including different technicians’ debugging level , the same chip or the same level reverse camera product output quality may be different; on the contrary, high-definition reverse camera products night vision effect will be reduced.

Night vision

Night vision effect related with reverse camera resolution, higher resolution car reversing camera night vision effect will not be very good, this is because the chip itself, but good quality reverse cameras should have night vision function, and will not affect the image output effect; although the color may be worse, but clearly should not a problem. Car reverse camera with built in infrared light night vision effect will be more clearly visible.


Reversing camera products are basically equipped with waterproof function.
Summary: choose the right reverse camera from the camera aspects per your requirements, the most important thing is to check and  compare the actual image affect.