A8 wireless truck air pump with precision inflation

Product Features

Are you anxious about not finding suitable inflation tools while remote driving or engaging in outdoor activities? Carry Luview wireless truck air pump to easily meet various inflation needs on the road. Its high-precision pressure sensor automatically inflates to the ideal pressure accurately. With five adjustable modes to fit various tires, and the nighttime SOS flashing light provides security in emergencies. Moreover, its reverse charging feature can serve as an emergency mobile power source, ensuring your devices are always charged, and offering start-up support in case of a car battery failure.

  • Built-in high precision air pressure sensor. when the inflation pressure reaches the pre-set tire pressure value, the smart inflator will automatically stop
  • Using 5 kinds of user-friendly air pressure setting operation interface
  • Equipped with high-gloss flashlight flashing with SOS flashing
  • LCD large screen display
  • Support reverse charging, can be used as portable power
  • Support unit switch key, switch PSI,BAR,KAP,KG/CM2
  • Provide power for emergency car ignition start
  • Large cylinder block, high efficiency to meet the needs of truck inflation

Technical Specifications

Model Number A8
Product size 180*79*135mm
Working Currency 18A
Moter working Voltage 11.1V
Working time 300~600H
Range of charge 0-150PSI
Charge Efficiency 35L/min
Charging Power 12V2A
Air Efficiency 30 minutes (single continuous operation of 10-15 minutes)
Noise Decibels Distance 1 meter ≤75dB
Input Voltage Euro/US 12V Charger/2A Charger (optional)
Working Current 1-5A
USB Reverse Charging 5V/1A
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃

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