Wrong positons you should avoid during dashboard camera installation

Wrong positons you should avoid during dashboard camera installation

Dashboard camera recorder is now the basic equipment of many vehicles. Install the dashboard camera can protect driving security;and avoid of road fraud at the same time. But if dashboard camera recorder installed in the wrong position, not only can not ensure driving security, but may also increase the front blind area, and bring a great security risk for driving .Below are the dashboard camera installation mistakes user should avoid:

1.The power cord is placed in the middle

Part of car owner install the dashboard camera with the power connection line directly in the middle of the the vehicle. This may result in the power line dangling during driving, and affecting the driver’s eye sight, thus bringing security risks. The correct way is to go through the power connection line in a hidden way,such as hidden in the interior joints, or be placed in the seal.

2.Installed at the top right of the front window

Some car owners think that dashboard camera installed in the front window , which make is closer to the sponge, and will not affect the eye sight. In fact, this position will lead to the dashboard camera effect greatly reduced. Although current dashboard camera view angle is not small, but the wrong position may make the front blind area greatly increased, resulting in opposite effect. After all, only the dashboard camera achieve the maximum effective view angle can it be better record the surroundings.

3.Connect dashboard camera power line with the reading lamp power supply

As the reading lamp power supply is relatively independent, and the reading lamp power supply position very close to the front glass, many vehicle owners directly open the reading lamp shell, and connect dashboard camera to the power supply circuit for reading lamp. So even if the car power off, the dash camera can still working by consumption of automotive backup power. This may result in driver can’t ignite the car next time, because the backup power is exhausted by the dashboard camera.

For the dashboard camera installation position, rear view mirror back side is the best position, with the best vision.

16G, 32G, or 64G memory card, which is suitable for your dashboard camera

16G, 32G, or 64G memory card, which is suitable for your dashboard camera ?

Most driver driving a car in less than 90 minutes per day, while the 32 G SD card can record 320 minutes full 1080p HD video, recorded video can be saved for more than three days, for most people,it is enough.If you want to record video around your car the whole day, you must adopt a 64 G sd card.So we recommend 32 G SD card for Luview dashboard car camera user.

Besides,SD card reliability and service life is very important,at least class 10 is required, otherwise it can not keep up with high definition video read and write speed. We recommend Sandisk high durable series 32 GB SD card,it can record more than 5000 hours under temperature of -25ºC to 85ºC,which means it can work almost in all areas and conditions.Although it is a bit more expensive than those bad quality ones,but it is more reliable.

Why not suction cup mounting dashboard camera

Why not suction cup mounting dashboard camera ?

When we sourcing on Amazon,Ebay or Aliepxress,we can get various dashboard camera prices, from low to high.Why ? because of different brand, different camera solution,different mounting method etc. We would like to share you knowledge about dashboard camera mounting method.

Usually,dashboard camera has three different mounting method: suction cup mounting, self adhesive tap mounting, built in mounting.

Suction cup mounting is the easiest mounting method,usually these suction cup mounting dashboard camera price is very cheap, but it can be easily fall off during car collision,in cold winter or summer sunshine exposure, and cause traffic risk to driver.

Self adhesive tape mounting dashboard camera is very common in the market.With a genuine 3M VHB adhesive tape,the dashboard camera can firmly stick on any of your vehicle position.However, it may affect the beauty sense of your car.And what’s more ,there are a lot of poor fake 3M adhesive tape on the market too, using these 3M adhesive tape mounting dashboard camera may cause danger to driver too.

Built in mounting dashboard camera usually used for high end car, as they are 3-4 times more expensive than suction cup mounting dashboard camera, as they are specially designed for different car brand model,they can’t be used in one for all form.They will be perfecting fit your branded car model,seamless combine with your rear view camera,no color difference, actually this kind of built in dashboard camera is the best car dashboard camera.

Luview is a professional developer and manufacturer from China focus on built in hidden dashboard camera, we will continuously developing built in dashboard cameras and issue new product weekly.

1080p or 1296p dashboard car camera

1080p or 1296p dashboard car camera ?

Currently there are a lot of dashboard car camera brand and models on the market with different technical specifications.For common consumer,we may focus more on the camera pixels.Currently 1080p or 1296p dashboard camera is very common on the market,1440p dashboard camera is still not very common as they are mainly used on high end car.Is it the truth that 1296p dashboard camera is better than 1080p dashboard camera ? This should be discussed.

For anti road fraud purpose dashboard camera, 1080p definition is clear enough, too high definition will greatly reduce the sd card life as well as reducing the recording time. In addition, due to each pixel lighting lux reduced for 1296p dashboard camera,the night vision effect can be worse, it is not worth to do that.

We may experience this: when we watch 720p video or film on the computer from internet, ,720p video has been very clear, even up to 1080p source, definition is not obvious improved,but your surfing speed will be affected a lot. That is because of 1080p video size is two times compared with 720p video, and 1296p video size is around 1.4 times of 1080p video.That is,for a same SD card,storage the 1290p video not only the video recording time reduced by 30%, but also greatly increase repeated reading and writing times,which would definitely reduce the SD card life span.

Similarly, 24 fps of the video has been very clear and smooth,increasing 30 fps to 60 fps , will also cause reducing of video record time, and shorter SD card life span.

Consumers should focus on practicability and durability of dashboard camera, not the higher technical parameters the better.

Dashboard camera VS Car black box

Dashboard camera VS Car black box

Talking about car black box, it is easy to think of the black box on the plane. At the same time,consumer may also mess it up with dashboard camera . In foreign countries, dashboard camera and car black box are two completely different concepts.

The first car black box was installed in 1996, and now up to 90% of the new cars are equipped with car black box. car owners generally do not aware of because they are installed under the seat or under the dashboard, activated 5 seconds before the airbag is opened. Therefore, the car black box really is a small black box indeed. For most people, they may not able to tell whether their car is equipped with a car black box or not, because it is too invisible. Dashboard camera has a video recording function. These dashboard camera are usually mounted on windshields and consist of a camera ,processing unit and storage disk ( usually it is a sd card ).The video captured in the dashboard camera is automatically stored in the sd card, which can be viewed on the computer,or even instantly viewed by mobile ( it requires the dashboard camera has WiFi connection function ) or by lcd car monitor. The video recorded by dashboard camera is more accurate and comprehensive then pre-installed car black box by car manufacturer, as it records the time, location of vehicle, and the driver’s vision as well. That is why dashboard camera is more powerful for evidence proving, such as when you want to prove that you are passing a yellow light instead of running a red light.

In a brief way, dashboard camera and car black box have below 4 significant differences:
1. Dashboard camera consist of a camera, a monitor ( optional ), data cards and data access socket and so on. While the car black box is more close to the name of “black box” , usually comes in a small Quartet black box shape.

2.Dashboard camera is usually installed on the windshield or rear view mirror, most dashboard camera using the suction cup, adhesive tape or hidden mounting(usually on the rear view mirror ).Car black box is more visible and hidden.

3. Video captured by dashboard camera is more accurate and comprehensive because it also records the time,location of vehicle, and the driver’s vision. The recorded video is automatically stored in the sd card,you can access these videos easily.The car black box records the speed, acceleration, deceleration, and braking of the vehicle within 5 seconds before the collision.It is not easy to get these data from car black box. In most case,only car manufacturers can access these data.

4. Dashboard camera,as long as it connected to the car circuit, they will automatic start.it is very necessary for dashboard camera to start up automaticlly, as you may miss recording videos because of such a repeated action.The car black box is totally different, the researchers’ developing purpose of car black box is to track the reasons for the activation of airbags. Therefore, it is only activated a few seconds before the collision event, and this activation method has continued till today.

Above are the significant differences between dashboard camera and car black box,we hope these information can help.