Difficult to reverse Luview reversing car camera system can help you !

Difficult to reverse? Luview reversing car camera system can help you !

Accidents because of reversing happened in the life every day, mostly they cause damage to the car, eventually may also cause human deaths. All the accidents that happened during the reversing, it did not mean that the accident happened only to new drivers, those experienced drivers also cause the same accident happened. Facing the blind spots during reversing, we need a reversing camera system for car.

To avoid and reduce this kind of accident, and take into account of drivers’ difficulties in backing up, Luview would like to promote our car reversing camera system that clearly shows the reversing situation with the help of AHD rear view camera JY-663 and 7 inch mounted on dashboard AHD car Monitor JY-M730 next to the driver.

When the driver reverses the car, the mounted on dash lcd monitor automatically switches to reversing screen, so driver can clearly see the places which 2 meters within the car trunk , while the car backing the reverse sensor automatically detects the distance and voice out, Luview 7 inch car monitor especially designed for car rear view system, with quad screen features, four signal input, reducing the accident because of parking blind spot.

7 inch AHD car monitor

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