JY-PT08 Ultrasonic Parking Sensor System With Parking Sensors, Backup Cameras & Monitor

Product Features

This product is a new generation of host digital radar system, when vehicle reversing radar system began to work, ultrasonic probe obstacle distance and azimuth data transmission via a serial port to host boxes, boxes to radar signal and video signal is superimposed display to display, the display shows the obstacles and location information of the image and drive buzzer alarm, thereby ensuring safe parking.

  • High-precision range detection
  • Radar adopts serial communication mode
  • Power supply mode with wide voltage
  • Dust proof and waterproof grade are IP67

Technical Specifications

Screen Size 7"/16:9
Resolution 800(W)* R.G.B * 480(H)
Brightness 300cd/㎡
Contrast 400:1
Active Area 154.08(W) × 85.92(H) mm
Viewing Angle U/D:40°/70°,R/L:70°/70°
Image Settings Brightness、Color、Contrast
Video Format CVBS
Mirror Flip Non-mirror, mirror, flip, mirror flip
Video Channel Four channel video input, one channel audio
Reverse Function Four way back (ruler setting function)
Reversing Delayed 0-20s
Scale Function Four scale ruler and automatic ruler switch
Power Supply 9/36V,DC/<5W
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +65℃
Storage Temperature -25℃ to +70℃

Product Video

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