JY-PT10 blind spot monitoring lane assist radar system with 77GHz millimeter wave sensor

Product Features

The Luview JY-PT10 is an advanced BSD blind spot monitoring lane assist radar system. It uses a millimeter-wave radar sensor system operating at a frequency of 77GHz, providing a detection range of up to 50 meters. When it detects a target within the warning range, it sends out primary and secondary alarm signals. The system adopts FMCW modulation mode, enabling it to accurately detect the distance, speed, and angle of moving targets with high precision in ranging and speed measurement.

  • Unique ability to penetrate smoke, fog, and dust for all-weather application and real-time detection of objects.
  • High precision distance detection, the entire radar system can set the predicted distance.
  • This system provides warning for dangerous targets in adjacent lanes, including four functions: BSD , LCA , RCT, AOA.
  • Adopting a wide voltage power supply method
  • Dust and waterproof grade is IP67

Technical Specifications

Product Radar main box
Operating Voltage 12-24V
Operating Current 210mA/12V
Operating Temperature -20℃—70℃
Operating Humidity RH50%~95%
Storage Temperature -40℃—85℃
Product Radar Probe
Operating Voltage 8-36V
Working frequency band 77-81GHz
Operating Temperature -40℃-85℃
Power dissipation ≦2W
Waterproof grade IP67
Distance resolution 0.5M
Ranging accuracy 0.18M
Detection distance 50M
Installation height 0.3-1M

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