JY-M170 2 CH 7 inch flip image LCD monitor with remote control

Product Features

JY-M170 2 CH 7 inch button controlled flip image digital LCD monitor with optional remote control function, the monitor has speakers that can adjust the sound from the control panel or remote control, supports 2 cameras video input and 1 audio input, with automatically control line for the second camera.

  • Multi-languages of display available:English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Turkish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
  • With remote control function
  • The monitor has speakers that can adjust the sound from the control panel or remote control
  • Supports video input from two cameras at the same time
  • Support audio input from one camera at a time (optional)
  • Images can be flipped up and down from left to right
  • The second camera has a trigger control line and automatically switches when triggered
  • In standby mode, it will start up automatically when triggered and switch to the corresponding camera image
  • The working power supply range is 12~24V, with short circuit protection function of power supply
  • Bracket adjustable angle

Technical Specifications

Screen Size7"/16:9
Resolution1024(W)* R.G.B * 600(H)
Active Area154.08(H) × 85.92(V) mm
Viewing AngleU/D:45°/65°,R/L:65°/65°
Image SettingsBrightness、Color、Contrast
Video FormatCVBS, AHD
Mirror FlipNon-mirror, mirror, flip, mirror flip
Video ChannelTwo channel video input
Reverse FunctionSingle way back (ruler setting function)
Reversing Delayed0-15s
Scale Function2 scale ruler, automatic switching of ruler
Power Supply12/24V,DC/<9W
Operating Temperature-20℃ to +65℃
Storage Temperature-25℃ to +70℃

Product Video

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